Psy 410 Team Paper Week 2

Topics: Psychology, Abnormal psychology, Religion Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Defining Abnormality
Lizbeth Escobar, Tandy Noonan, Charlie Fritz, Holly Keeling, and Velinda Chandler
March 18, 2012
Melda Jones
Defining Abnormality
Psychologist, for years have given their theory on normal and abnormal behavior, but all the studies they have done seems to give more evidence to prove what make each individual do what they do and why. In the normal and abnormal behavior we use all research and take all of its studies into consideration and apply it to why such behaviors have occurred.

Reading this paper you can see that there are many experiments that challenge the theory of behavior no matter if it’s normal or abnormal. We will clarify some of the challeges as we define and classify both normal and abnormal behavior when we look at the challenges in Culture, gender and sexual preferences/practices and religion.

Cultural normal and abnormal behaviors
Culture is a challenge to abnormal behavior because these behaviors establish through socio-cultural traditions. The sociocultural perspective explains that abnormal behaviors are a result of family influences and social forces. Similar to the behavioral perspective, socio-cultural theorists believe mental disorders are learned behaviors. They tend to focus on social class, gender, and ethnicity in the explanation of mental disorders. An understanding of one’s sociocultural forces is also taken into consideration concerning abnormal behavior and its cultural challenge. Social forces, such as the media, social change, pressures, poverty, and social institutions are examples of how mental disorders are distinct or classified in culture. Family perspectives challenge abnormalities because they are complex systems. Because families are a representation of stability, any type of disruption could result in an emotional disorder.

Culture puts a limit on abnormality because social norms tend to...
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