Psy 225 Being Happy

Topics: Happiness, Money, Personal life Pages: 3 (387 words) Published: March 15, 2015

PSY / 225
November 17, 2014
Danine Dean

After watching the video, Bhutanese views on happiness make sense. He talks about people being happy from natural happiness-not physical items that create happiness. He also talks about people of different backgrounds or situations or even the same situations have different views on what is happiness. You can have two people in the same lifestyle but one can be happy and one may not. They talk about how you cannot measure happiness based off of what makes other people happy. You have to be able to gain control of your own mind and decide on what is going to make you happy. I feel that gaining control of your mind is meaningful because a lot of people base their happiness off of material things and not the things that matter most like family and being grateful for the things that you do have instead of the things that you don’t. I think that Bhutanese considers the good life as having friends and family and being content with where they are and who they are. They like to be together and have a good time just enjoy others company. They don’t view physical items as happiness. The Bhutanese people would rather be happy than productive which is almost the complete opposite of the American culture. The good life to American culture is more materialistic and keeping up with other people, gain status, and trying to gain a monetary value. I think that by people trying to gain materialistic style really takes away from what is going to truly make them happy. Some people spend their entire life trying to chase a dollar and still stay in debt. Other people are grateful for just having a job even if it doesn’t pay much and they are able to take care of their family just on that. I think that people in the American culture also worry a lot more about things that causes stress to them. I think that it takes a strong person to have a different mindset to just...
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