Psy 210 Final Project Case Study #1

Topics: Mother, Family, Parent Pages: 4 (1547 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Final Project: Case Study #1
PSY 210
April 11, 2011

Jennifer is suffering from stress, in her life there are many sources of stress and as it seems those stresses are piling up. The first stressor that I noticed was that Jennifer and her husband having been trying to have a baby for over a year. Eight months ago Jennifer became pregnant but in her second month of pregnancy she miscarried and has not been able to conceive since. Trying to become pregnant can be stressful enough, but becoming pregnant and then miscarrying is like an emotional rollercoaster that may very well have been the beginning of Jennifer’s stress. Antonio’s parents regularly asking if she is expecting is putting more pressure on her already stressed mindset. Another stressor may be the hour long drive each way to work every day. This drive takes two hours out of her day that she could either be making money or spending time with family friends or simply relaxing. Other stressors are her mother’s death that she may not have truly dealt with and the fact that she may be forced to put her father into a home against his wishes. Adding to these stresses are the normal daily hassles that she experiences. All of these stressors are piling up and although she is unaware the body is responding to these constant stresses and therefore it is most likely the cause of her physical pains. I believe that Jennifer’s inability to become pregnant is affecting her self-concept because she feels that she is at fault. Just like many men feel that they must have a child with a woman to prove that they are a man, it is their masculine duty; thus, as a woman, Jennifer feels that she must get pregnant to prove that she is a woman, it is her feminine duty. Not being able to become pregnant or carry full term is affecting her self-concept, and self-esteem. Other stress factors are also responsible, the fact that she may have to put her father in a nursing home may...
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