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Topics: Bipolar disorder, Mental disorder, Suicide Pages: 5 (1408 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Marla is a 42-year-old Hispanic female who comes to the mental health clinic complaining of having trouble sleeping, feeling "jumpy all of the time," and experiencing an inability to concentrate. These symptoms are causing problems for her at work, where she is an accountant.

Resources: Appendix A, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, and the Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive application at the McGraw Hill Higher Education Web site

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper analyzing Marla’s disorder. Address the following:

Decide which disorder Marla may have using the information in the Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive Application at The profile introduction will match more than one of the disorders found in the application. You must choose one of the disorders and complete the profile. Include the 10 question from the week Four CheckPoint.

Summarize the disorder using the information provided in the interactive application. Explain the origin of the disorder and any potential treatments by using one of the models of abnormality found in Ch. 2 of Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology. *

1. Tell me some basic information about yourself… Name, age,etc
Marla, 42 Hispanic female
2. What brings you in to see me?
Having trouble sleeping, feeling jumpy, lack of concentration, affecting her accountant job 3. Why do you feel that you need a clinical interview?
For the larger part of her life she has been fighting depression, suicide thoughts, 2 attempts of suicide, self mutilation period 4. How do you feel most days?
Worthless, low, no energy
5. Is there anything that makes you more happy/sad?
Shopping, spending money to make she appear nicer, looks
6. How long have you been experiencing these feelings?
Most of her life but in the past couple of years it has gotten worse 7. How is your relationship with your parents?
Father knows him but has never been around, molestation, “she was never his son” had son straightened up but Marla wasn’t worth it
Mother a drunk in bed at 7, cheated, and raised her by herself and new husband 8. How often do you go out and socialize?
9. Have you noticed anything specific that triggers your moods?
Anything, everything, stupid people, people in general
10. Is there anything else you feel like sharing with me?
My life sucks and my wife says that my moods suck and I go from on top of the world to being underneath it in.1second

After meeting with Marla and doing my initial interview with her, where Marla revealed that she has been clinically diagnosed with depression. Marla has much more mental disorders than just depression. She has lived her life trying to be enough for her dad, mom, everybody else in her life. Marla was never taught love, acceptance. I am diagnosing Marla with Bipolar disorder with ADHD with anger tendencies. Marla has a feeling of jumpiness and lacks concentration, which is affecting her accounting job.

Marla informed me in our interview that she knows her father but he was never really around. He tried to buy her love and gave her a lot of empty promises. Marla’s father use to tell her that she was not his son, that he always wanted a son and that she was not. She had animosity towards her father for straightening his life out once his son was born. This left her with feelings of not being enough for his love. Carrying this feeling her entire love grew to anger as an adult. Her father did not matter anymore but that pain she felt as a child she turned into anger. Marla’s mother raised her but she was a drunk. Her mother married a new husband, showed Marla how to cheat on this man. When that marriage failed lived with another who made fun of Marla for being a lesbian. Her mother cheated on him with who would become her husband now. Marla has periods of mania more often than she is happy.

Marla went through...
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