Psa for Baby Dumping

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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Concept Paper : PSA for Baby Dumping
The objective for us to create this PSA is to create awareness to the public and provide help for those who need it. We also want to provide some general information on the number of baby dumping cases which has been increasing in our country. Besides that, we would like to remind single mothers or parents that they should have their responsibility to take care of their baby but not dump them with all sorts of irresponsible excuses. Today’s society and generation should be educated on the consequences after getting their ‘momentary happiness’. The target audiences for our PSA are unmarried young couple and pregnant young ladies as these groups of people have the highest percentage on baby dumping. Normally, young couples are not financially and mentally matured enough to handle cases like this while unwed young ladies who find themselves pregnant are always afraid to let their parents know and don’t know what to do. So the first thing which pops into their mind is either abortion or dump the baby after giving birth. Thus, it’s important to deliver messages to remind them how precious a life is as well to help them to go through this stage. We can educate this group of people as well as the non targeted audience to have a positive mindset and carry their responsibilities well. With the concept, “you can make a difference”, we create a PSA where the first half of it is in a conversational style. The story starts with two females who found a baby in the bush and they decided to report to the police. The reason we do it in such way is to grab listeners’ attention. The dialogues are designed in a daily-speaking and natural way so that listeners can imagine the scenario and will be interested on what’s going to happen next. We also add a little information in the dialogue which is where the police tells the two ladies that the rate of baby dumping is increasing. As for the other half, announcer starts giving advices and provides...