Prussia Getting Stronger by 1862

Topics: Army, Military, Prussia Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Prabriti Tiwari
Why had Prussia emerged as the leading German state by 1862? By the 18th century Prussia was one of the most ruling power in Europe along with other nations like Britain, Italy and Russia. Prussia had also expanded its area by invading some of the areas in Europe. Due to efficient rulers in Prussia in the past, Prussia had been winning most of the wars in Europe and had strong nationalism which helped them to form their own constitution. Now the question is how did Prussia managed to be one of the most leading German state, so here is the clarification. Prussia’s area lacked natural resources due to this the rulers had to find an alternate way to raise its economy. Frederick William, the ruler of Prussia from 1640-1668 was the first major ruler during the uprising of Prussia and he was able to collect large army for Prussia. Prussia lacked army forces back then due to its economic condition, therefore Frederick William taxed his people to create a strong military force in Prussia. And by 40 years the Prussian armies got doubled in size and had the third largest military force in Europe which was a great success for brining Prussia in Power. After Frederick William, Frederick William I came to power and became the next ruler in Prussia. What Frederick William I wanted was a great and a strong power. He could get his people under his control. He also made his army a highly ranked social class used them just as power of symbol and to threaten other nations. However, Frederick William II who became the ruler after Frederick William I did not have the same intentions as William I, he used the armies and conquered many areas in Europe enlarging Prussia’s boundaries. But apart from the power of the military forces and rulers, Prussia was the biggest state comparing to other German states. Not only big in the area but it was also a dominant state in German and also in Europe due to the actions of powerful leaders in the past Prussia’s history....
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