Rise of Prussia

Topics: Frederick I of Prussia, House of Hohenzollern, Frederick William II of Prussia Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Analyze the military, political, and social factors that account for the rise of Prussia between 1640 and 1786.

Bree Stanbrough
Due: March 3, 2011
Period 4

The rise of Prussia from 1640 to 1715 was mainly due to the great leadership of Frederick William ‘the Elector’, Frederick William I and Frederick the Great of Prussia. Many military, social, and political factors led to the rise of Prussia also. The major factor that helped Prussia become a great power was the growth of Prussia’s new army and the territory they took because of this powerful military. Most of the military factors that led to the rise of Prussia came from Fredrick William ‘The Elector’. He was the first leader in Prussia to create and finance a permanent standing army in 1660.[1] He then led them to victories against those who sought to oppose him. He is known for his decision-making to his commanders, and also for his fast mobility to defeat his foes.[2] He obtained the money to finance this army by imposing permanent taxes on the Estates. The soldiers in his army also collected taxes and acted as policemen. He then expanded the army and tripled the state’s amount of money during his reign. Then he expanded his boarders by inviting French Huguenot immigrants as new recruits to his army.[3] And during the mid sixteenth century, the wars between Sweden and Poland, and the tension from the wars of Louis XIV, caused the Estates to look for protection in Fredrick William. Frederick William I, the son of Frederick the Elector, builds on to the government after his father.[4] He established the Great Directory, and served as the chief administrative agent of the central government while supervising the military, police, economic, and financial affairs.[5] Fredrick the Great, the son of Fredrick William I, became known militarily when he attacked the Austrian empire to gain control of Silesia in the War for Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.[6] Prussia had...
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