Provincial Government-France 1515-1547

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Provincial Government
* They do the same job as the Parlement of Paris
* If a law is registered in Paris it doesn’t mean its registered in the provinces. * In 1515 the parlements were in Toulouse, Rennes, Bordeaux, Rouen, Aix-en-Provence and Dijon. * The monarch didn’t have absolute power over the provinces but they still played a prominent role in the country. * They work independently, no together, if it concerns them they’ll do it if it doesn’t they won’t * Paris government looks down on them so sometimes they go against the Parlement of Paris * The estates meet once a year for a week or less

* If there is a crime outbreak in the estates the estates general would find a police force. * They are in control of taxation.
* Most are far south so further away from the Parlement of Paris. * The most important position in the local government are the provincial governors * There jurisdiction didn’t cover the whole country but were active in border states. * Under Francis they were usually higher nobility including sons, uncles and favourites (including husbands of his mistresses) * In 1542 Fancis annulled the power of the governors as they had become to excessive. * Montmorency was removed as he was out of favour but he later restored the powers of the other governors. * The office of governors was useful as a way of extending royal authority and dangerous as a way of preserving royal interests. * Below provincial governors were ballis. They staffed the baillages of which there were about 86. * Baillages are mini-parlements they act on a smaller scale and a smaller area. They were not well paid and relied on gifts and fees. * The government was active yet corrupt.

* Maîtres des requêtes de l’hotel helped the chancellor of France to run the departments linked the baillages to the central government. * They were sent on tours of inspection in the provinces, dealt with complaints against royal...
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