His/115 Clash of Cultures

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  • Published : September 13, 2012
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Appendix A

Clash of Cultures

Complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in the left-side column for the five groups named.

| |Native Americans |Northern Colonists |Mid-Atlantic Colonists |Southern Colonists |West Africans | |Political Structure|Politics advanced in large |Participated in discussions, took |The Middle Colonies were generall |The southern colonies had a |Politics advanced in large | | |kingdoms that oversaw and |votes on projects and taxes. Laws |run by Royal or Proprietary y |governor and a council appointed |kingdoms that oversaw and | | |protected their citizens and that |were based on common law to do |Governors and elected Colonial |by the crown, and an assembly or |protected their citizens and that | | |allowed for expansive lines of |God’s duty in the land he had |Assemblies. Many Middle Colony |house of representatives that was |allowed for expansive lines of | | |trade. |given them without representation.|constitutions guaranteed freedom |elected by the people. The |trade. | | | | |of religion and forbade taxation |governor had the most power of | | | | | | |judicial, religious, military, | | | | | | |appointing officials, leader of | | | |...
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