Protecting Children from Pornography

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The People vs. The Pornstars
Imagine a world without pornography. It might be difficult to see for most, but it may be possible. Pornography is corrupting the minds of the children and teens around the world, causing them to start having intercourse early in life. Children encounter pornography in many places, such as television, radio, music and especially on the internet. According to a sex addiction website called Tech Addiction, in the United States alone, 25 percent of all searches are for pornography, that’s over 68 million porn, or porn related, searches every day. The over use of selling sex should be stopped because it encourages sex at a young age and can also cause harmful effects on the viewers. Sociologist Joseph W. Slade states, “For most Americans, pornography means peep shows, striptease, live sex acts, hardcore videos, adult cable programming, sexual aids and devices, explicit telephone and computer messages, adult magazines, and raunchy fiction. Conservatives might add prime-time television programming, soap operas, Music Television (MTV) and rock music, romance novels, fashion magazines, and all R-rated movies.” Pornography in this context can mean anything. Slade agrees that pornography can be seen almost anywhere. Even magazines like Tiger Beat which are geared towards pre-teens and teenagers have articles such as “How to Look Sexy on Your First Date.” The type of people that magazines, television shows, music and Internet force children to be around may make them think that the “sexy” image is predominant. If one were to type into his address bar, go to images, turn off safe search, and type in Asian. He might expect to see a few Asian people, maybe a famous Korean pop singer, or a Japanese actress, but instead you see hundreds of pornography image. A child could be writing a report on the people of Japan and accidentally come across these pictures. Images can lead children and teens to more websites that contain pornographic...
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