Protagonist and Henry Lawson

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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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I’ve choosed The House That Was Never Built by Henry Lawson as a subject for me to discuss on the relevant theories in it. After reading and analysing the story, I’ve discoverd psychoanalytic criticism is the most relevant theories that suit with the main character and the narrator himself.

What is Psychoanalytic Criticism? Psychoanalytic Criticism here means when the narrator apply methods of treating emotional and psychological disorders in literature. Sometimes it also reflect the narrator’s childhood traumas, family life, sexual conflicts, fixations, and such will be traceable within the behaviour of the characters in the literary works.

At the beginning of the story, everything seems normal where the narrator describes about the place and the life of the people. Then, when the narrator talk about the main character that is the bushman he starts to describe him as a madman through bushman’s actions and words.

.....At first I thought he was going to built a stone hut in the corner, but when I got close to him I saw that he was working carefully on the original plan of the building: he was building the unfinished parts of the foundation walls up to the required height......”

.....“That house must be finished by Christmast.” “Why?” I asked, taken by suprise. “What’s the hurry?” “Because,” he said , “I’m going to be married in the New Year-to the best and dearest girl in the bush.”.....

I sense madness in the bushman’s behaviour when he wants to continue building the unfinished house alone. The work that need several men such as carpenters and bricklayers sounds impossible for a man like him to build a two storied house himself. He also mentioned about finishing the house by Christmast clearly showed to us that nobody can make it on time alone. He tried so hard to realise his dreams ignoring on what the other people’s think or say about him. The bushman also having a mental disorder...
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