Pros and Cons of Eletronic Medical Records

Topics: Electronic medical record, Hospital, Physician Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Gina Anderson
Rasmussen College

Turning assignment into medical office procedures, 1/24/13

An electronic Medical Records (EMRs) system is a rapid and efficient method to preserve critical medical information. Electronic Medical Records are compelling they can make healthcare more efficient and less expensive and it will improve the quality of care by making patients medical history easily accessible to all who treat them. There are numerous advantages to EMRs serving as the platform for patient care within a medical practice. Some Electronic medical record advantages for a patient would be that EMRs significantly have fewer errors within personal health records and you get faster care and decision making responses from assigned medical professionals. Some advantages for the medical practice are they can access their patients information quickly, the EMRs save space. As hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare organizations begin there change over to digital document management systems, this high-tech form of tracking, storing, and sharing patient data also has disadvantages. Some disadvantages of EMRs are the lack of quality patient time, now a days you go to the doctors, emergency room or other medical facility and they bring you back into a room, the doctor comes in introduces himself/herself then gets right on the EMR and looks it over asks some questions and sends you on your way, you’re in and out in a hour or less. Some more disadvantages are security concerns electronic medical records are vulnerable no matter how many firewalls, password encryptions, and other security features, there will still be hackers who can beat the system and potentially compromise and steal personal information. The final disadvantage would be like any other computer system, the EMRs system could crash which would cause a lot problems, if the EMRs crash it will take time to get it back up and...
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