Proposed Business Process for a Clinic

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  • Published: October 19, 2014
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4.1. Description of Proposed Solution
Based on my interview, observation, questionnaire, and my personal experience of having a treatment in Clinic XYZ, optimization of the current system is proposed. The proposed system will be moving the patients’ data from paper base into computer base. As mentioned on the previous chapter, the biggest problem of the current business process in Dental Clinic XYZ happened because they are still using paper based for patient data and the patient’s membership is heavily depend in a human memory. Therefore, by using computerized system will reduce the human errors that often occur in a business. Moreover, the computerized system will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the time used to find patient’s data in the inventory, effort, and inventory space to keep patients data. Furthermore, by implementing a good system and high technology, the clinic can increase its reputation and customers’ satisfaction.

The concept of the proposed system is to keep all patients’ data in a database and give a lifetime membership for the patients. The information system that are covered in the proposed system are Patient Database, Treatment Price, and Transaction Record



4.2. Proposed Business Process
4.2.1. Context Diagram

Figure 28.1 - Context Diagram of Proposed System

Figure 4.1 above shows the differences between the current data flow with the data flow after the new system is proposed. The external agents in this system are still the same (Head of Doctor, Doctor, nurse, administrator, and patient), and they are connected with the Dental Clinic XYZ proposed system. In this context diagram, there are significant changes of data flow for the administrator, doctor, and nurse compared to


the context diagram before using the proposed system. Here are the comparisons for the context diagrams:

Current System

Proposed System

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