Proposal Bacterial Biosensors for Victuals Processing

Topics: Bacteria, Food, Enzyme Pages: 5 (1133 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Bacterial biosensors for victual processing
      The biosensor research has blossomed into a mature and highly active field over the past 20 years, mutually in the laboratory and in the business-related district, attract huge attention due to the pledge of holdings for vital aspects of the human life. The wished-for work aims to engineer a capacitive biosensor, which will be able to perform label-free and fast electrochemically immune-detection based on very small biological samples. This grant will allow the researcher to transfer knowledge to the European community and reintegrate as a permanent researcher in Romanian actual problems. With all the health issues and problems faced all over the world today, it is but highly essential that authorities should be able to provide ways on how these can be solved.  The victuals can be considered one of the basic necessities of people, in this consider, people should be concerned that they only eat healthy and nutritious foods to shun being ill. These are still not given enough attention by people and most are being victims of diseases and illnesses that come from eating foods, specifically those processed foods that can be bought instantly in groceries and restaurants.  The relevance consist in considering biosensors also heightens because of the incidences of the contaminated water,meats and foods among restaurants and grocery stores. For that reason, the in progress practice for preventing microbial illness largely depends on the careful control of different kinds of pathogenic bacteria in food and water safety as well as environmental monitoring.  In the food processing sectors, the biotechnology are targeting the selection as well as the enhancement of microorganisms with the goal of enhancing the process control, yield as well as efficiency and also the safety, quality and consistency of bioprocesses food products. Microbe also known as microorganisms are generic terms for the group of living organisms that are microscopic in size, and include yeasts, moulds and bacteria. Specific objectives of the research are to develop :

(1) specific, high affinity biorecognition reagents for food-borne pathogens and toxins, (2) rapid and effective means to separate and concentrate targeted pathogens without carryover of background organisms (3) integrated assay systems based on multiple target biosensor platforms. (4) to design a biological model for pathogens studying the MS2(fages) related to food and water analysis   However, this process has disadvantages, specifically in terms of detecting the bacteria from different foods (Ivnitski et al, 2000). Accordingly, food processing is the procedure and facilities involved in making agricultural produce into a consumer products and the system in place to guarantee quality control. In this regard, there is a need for developing bacterial biosensors for food processing. Primarily, the main goal of this is to decrease and lessen the chemical treatment in the production of the food and its ingredients by considering enzymatic catalysis as part of the process. Specifically this aims on using newest technology in the development of these bacterial biosensors for food processing.  Biosensors are considered as analytical and measuring devices which are consists of a biological sensing factors like microbes, antibodies and enzymes and others in intimate contact with the so-called physical transducer such as mass, optical or electrochemical which together relates the concentration of an elements to measurable electrical signals. There are various biosensors, which have been reported previously that can detect microorganisms, directed principally toward food processing, clinical or even military used.

There is a grow in need for virus sensors with improved sensitivity and

dynamic range, for applications including disease diagnosis, pharma-

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