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Breathalyzer Enabled Ignition Switch



Todd Borrowman
Robert Wilson

TA: Jeff Bruggemmann

I. Introduction

Title:  Breathalyzer Enabled Ignition Switch.

Drunk driving and alcohol related accidents are serious problems in today's world causing more deaths in America than any other causes of death. This product will serve as a safeguard, ensuring that the users are driving with a sober mind.  This project is exciting due to the impact it could have on the car industry and the increase in safety features for the typical user.


Our goal is to utilize a handy breathalyzer to interpret the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of the user. Then based on state laws in which the user resides, the unit will send a signal to the ignition switch to allow the operation of the vehicle if the user is legally sober.  This will be a wireless transmission from the breathalyzer to the remote switch with a transmission distance of up to 100 feet.  Since this could be a marketable product, an added feature of selecting the user's state will be included in order to take into account different limits. The whole design allows for a safe, quick and easy way to ensure one's sobriety and safety.  Blow and Go.

✓ no guessing as to whether one is "safe" to drive
✓ avoid preventable accidents/driving safety
✓ avoid getting a DWI or DUI

✓ wireless transmission of signal up to 100ft.
✓ light, small and portable
✓ easy to use
✓ selected state is remembered at each use

II. Design

Block Diagram: [pic]

Block Descriptions:

Breathalyzer: The breathalyzer is an already formed unit and will serve as the method to determine the user's BAC.  The unit itself is light weight, ergonometric and easy to use.  It will be integrated with the State Selector and the Transmitter in order to determine if a signal is to be sent to the Switch to allow operation of the vehicle.

State Selector: The State Selector will be a simple programmable FPGA which will allow the user to select his or her state in order to comply with that state's laws.  The program will be very user-friendly and avoid hindering the user by remembering the selected state for each subsequent use.

Comparator: The comparator will decide whether a signal is to be sent from the transmitter based on whether the BAC readout is above or below the acceptable limit as selected by the State Selector feature.

Transmitter: The Transmitter will be an omni-directional antenna (LINX) which will allow the signal to travel at least 100ft and through the body of the car without losing the essential information needed for the receiver to interpret the signal. This will entail maintaining its strength and also overcoming random noise. It is this wireless technology that allows the user to activate the switch while walking to the car to save time while the breathalyzer is analyzing his or her results.

Receiver: The Receiver (LINX) will be internal to the car and it will capture the signal sent by the Transmitter and send that information off to the Ignition Circuit.

Ignition Circuit: The signal will make its way down to the Ignition Circuitry where it will trigger a simple switch to complete the ignition's circuit and allow operation of the vehicle.  It will also include a timer which will maintain the switch’s status for several minutes giving the user time to enter the car and start the engine. The receiver and the switch will all run off of the car's battery. 

Performance Requirement:

We require the signal to be transmitted with at least the range of 100ft through the varied environments of parking lots and extraneous noise so that the receiver can still recognize the emitted signal.

The internal circuitry and receiver must be able to run off of the 12V battery available from the car. Similarly, the handheld unit must draw all of its power from...
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