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The Design and Development of Simulation software to enable Tricia-Mart Boost its Sales


Cyril Ekhasomi Ipogah


Bsc (Hons) Computing

Supervised by

Mr, Ram Kallapiran

East London College Centre

In this global recession era and competition among organisations on the increase, the aim of this project is to develop Market Simulation Software-a well established market research tool that will help Tricia-mart boost its sales, increase its market shares, improve its services and win over many customers. With the Simulation software, it is relatively easy to change the features or price point of a product and have the simulation software predict the market share that the product would attain in the market. This I hope to achieve by using the computer to emulate a real world situation. It is time based, and takes into account all the resources and constraints involved, as well as the way these things interacts with each other as time passes. Simulation also builds in the randomness that would be seen in real life. For instance, it doesn’t always take exactly 5-minutes for a customer to be served and a customer don’t always arrive every 15-minutes. This means that the simulation really can match reality, so when one make changes to the simulation; it will demonstrate exactly how the system would behave in real life. The simulation application software can be evaluated as staff and management of Tricia-Mart can quickly try out ideas at a fraction of the cost of advertising in the media, radio or television. And, because they can try ideas quickly, will have more ideas, and gain many insights, into how to relate with their customers and run their organisation more effectively. The Simulation Software Works in this way (Design interface) When you click the run button in the simulation application software, you see the work that Tricia-Mart do (their products, prizes and offers etc). The clock in the corner of the screen tells you what the equivalent time would be in real system. Though simulation is animated, it enables visualization of a new facility and greater ability to visualize the impact the impact of experiments in an existing or already developed process.

<Trim it to half page focussing on what is the idea, what will you build and what will you research> Objectives
The main objective of this simulation software is to enable the staff and management of Tricia-Mart do the following: * Try out various ideas quickly
* Compare the behaviour of customers to that of the simulation system to see how it would be in real life * Generate many ideas and gain insights into how to relate with its customers * Boost its sales

* Increase its market shares
* Improve efficiency
* Gain competitive advantage over its rival companies

< What about analysis, design, development, testing etc.?>

System Functions (at least 5):
The typical functionalities of the system include:
* Accessing staff performance level / reaction to customers * The rate to complete cycle time
* Arrival / order rates
* Average order size
* Customer purchasing power

Relevant Courses:
* Comp 1305: IT Project and Quality Management- enables me to do a proper planning, arrange my tasks to know which (task) is critical and which is not. * Comp 1304: Information System Engineering- with this I was able to choose and adopt a methodology and other requirement analysis tools * Comp1302: Database Design and Implementation- I will use the knowledge gained from this course to design / create the system database, draw an ERD to include all the participants of the system

Tricia-Mart owns and manages various retail stores across many states in Nigeria. The limited product line forces some of its branches to concentrate their efforts on differentiation rather than simply adding more products. Management seeking a way of addressing this issue have...
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