Prophet Muhammad

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Most Historical Person in Human History|


Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allāh Ibn `Abd al-Muttalib was the founder of the religion Islam. Muslims believe that he is the messenger of Islam and that he is the last prophet of God, Allah. Prophet Muhammad is to be the last of many prophets before him, according to the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Prophet Muhammad guided people in every aspect of their lives. The Hadiths, Sunnahs, and political leadership that Prophet Muhammad had, make him the most influential person in human history.

A hadith means an action or saying Prophet Muhammad has been referenced in doing or saying in his lifetime. Hadiths are interpreted differently by each school. Muslims have been divided into two different subcultures, Sunnis and Shias, over who should be the political/spiritual leader of the Muslims. Though there is an indecisive choice of leader, both parties still believe and follow the hadiths of the prophet, to their own interpretations.

Sunnah is defined as the practices of Prophet Muhammad that he taught and instituted into Islam. The Quran doesn’t tell Muslims how to be a Muslim, nor does the Quran have legislation. Because of that, Prophet Muhammad had to become a political leader as well. The prophet didn’t become a legislator, but he did believe and tacitly approve the actions, practices, beliefs, and laws of Islam. His Sunnahs, till this day, have not changed.

During the time that Prophet Muhammad was alive, he was able to unite all of the Arabian tribes into one formidable political and military force. He didn’t allow people to fight off Islam, so if someone did, he would start a holy war, Jihad. Within 100 years of the prophet, Islam grew from Spain to India and all the countries between, also in most of Africa. There was only a small fraction of areas that still had Christianity and Judaism; and that took over 400 years to reestablish.

Prophet Muhammad solved social, political, and economic problems and...
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