Prophet Adam

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Prophet Adam

When Allah had created the heavens and the earth, He said to the angels, “I will create a Khalifa on earth, someone to carry out my orders.” They asked Allah, “Will you place someone on earth who will make mischief and shed blood, while we praise you and glorify your name?” And Allah said, “I know what you know not.” The Origin of Humans

Allah ordered an angel to gather a handful of every soil on earth: what is white, what is black, what is red, and what is yellow; including what is soft, what is firm, and what is in between them. Since Adam was created from a mixture of all those different types of soil, his offspring (7) differed. Among Adam’s offspring, you would find the white, the black, the red, and the yellow. Also among them you would find those who are easy, those who difficult, and those who are in-between.

Prophet Adam (Alayhis-salam) was the first prophet to bring Allah’s message to mankind, so that we might know how to worship Allah and how to seek forgiveness for our mistakes. This message was completed to perfection by Allah through his last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Creation of Prophet Adam

So Allah created Prophet Adam (Alayhis-salam) out of clay, and taught him the names of all things. He placed the things before the angels and asked the angels to tell Him the names of them, but the angels answered, “You are the exalted, and we know nothing except what you have taught us.” Allah then asked Adam (Alayhis-salam) the same question, and Adam (Alayhis-salam) was able to answer correctly. Allah ordered the angels to bow down to Prophet Adam (Alayhis-salam) and they did so. But Iblis, or Shaitan, did not bow down. When Allah asked, “What kept you from bowing down when I commanded you?” Iblis answered, “I am better than he. I was created from fire while he was made from clay.” Upon hearing this response, Allah threw Shaitan out of paradise, but Shaitan vowed that he would lie in wait for Prophet Adam (Alayhis-salam)...
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