Promotional Methods Used in the TV Show Pretty Little Liars

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Compare the impact and effectiveness of at least two promotional methods from two different media platforms used by the TV show Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars is a famous American TV series in the genre of Drama, Mystery and Thriller aiming at a target audience of teenagers. It is a TV programme full of enigmas as it is in the genre of Mystery. The series is aired on the ABC family channel and is based on a group of ‘pretty’ teenage girls who are trying to discover the real truth about their friends’ murder and who the anonymous person that sends them messages only their dead friend knew is. Each one of them has an ‘ugly’ secret which is revealed as time goes leading them on to actually identifying who the anonymous person really is.  Pretty Little Liars is promoted through many media platforms. One platform they are promoted through is print. The poster above of Pretty Little Liars features many promotional materials to engage a wider range of audience to watch the series. .  One major feature is the title/logo of Pretty Little Liars. This title/logo helps the audience identify that this is the poster for PLL (Pretty Little Liars) as it’s the same logo not only used in the poster, but also used in other platforms and media text WHY?. This typography is also written in a italic font to show the genre of mystery and thriller and also looks ‘pretty’ as ‘pretty’ is mentioned in the title. The typography also looks effective and fancy making it more memorable to the audience. As well as the title, the picture is also one of the major USP’s that promote the programme. The characters promote the programme as they have fame in real life themselves, which can lead the fans of the actress’ to watching the film and promoting it even further by telling others around them, which makes them a big USP. The picture of the characters can also aspire young girls to be ‘pretty’ like them, which is can be promotional again because if they have been aspired by them for the...
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