Moral Values Changing

Topics: Morality, Advertising, Cognitive biases Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: September 21, 2012
Moral values are changing???
Studies have shown that people prefer an object they have been exposed to over ones to which they have not been exposed. This effect occurs even when people are not aware that they have been exposed to the stimulus. This phenomenon, called the mere exposure effect, is also known as the familiarity principle.Consumers sometimes purchase goods simply because they are familiar with the brand name, jingle or logo, even though they know nothing about the brand. Marketers know this, and try to expose consumers to their brands through ads, product placement, PR etc.The text suggests that this same concept may make us more likely to become more tolerant of unethical acts. Do you think this explains why our morals and values are changing? Why?|

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Marketers understand the concept of “exposure effect” which is why they try and expose their customers to their brand using different media. By using t this media, they show what their target audience wants to see. That’s how you sell right? As a marketer, if I show something that is completely unethical to my target audience, they will never buy my product. Moreover Ethical and Unethical is a very relative term. What may be unethical for one person might not be unethical for another. It all depends on the upbringing. Moral values are things we have been taught while we were growing up or what we learnt from the society. These values started to change when people started questioning, comparing themselves with others, and when they started deciding for themselves about what according to them was right. Hence I will disagree if the Marketers were to be completely blamed for this change of moral values. But yeah, to some extent, kids or even the younger generation gets carried away or influenced by such “unethical” ads which would include violence, nudity , sex, smoking etc., one of the reasons being, there is some celebrity who has endorsed that brand and because people look up...
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