Promoting Health

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Annotated Bibliography for Health Promotion Proposal
Kecia Coleman
Kaplan University
January 14, 2013

Annotated Bibliography for Health Promotion Proposal
Mason, W. W., Haggerty, K., Fleming, A., & Casey-Goldstein, M. (2012). Family intervention to prevent depression and substance use among adolescents of depressed parents. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 21(6), 891-905.

The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate intervention for prevention of depression and substance use in children of depressed parents. Two interventions, one for depression, and one for substance use were used. Based on the results of questionnaires about substance use beliefs, family depression, and coping skills, a program was developed to prevent adolescent depression and substance use by strengthening parenting and family relationships and to make positive changes easier for children. This article is relevant to my proposal, and I will most likely use it later. It uses terminology that should be able to be understood by the targeted audience, and reiterates what past research has found. Hassan, I., & Ali, R. (2011). The association between somatic symptoms, anxiety disorders and substance use. A literature review. Psychiatric Quarterly, 82(4), 315-328.

This article focused on the link between somatic symptoms and substance use. Those with anxiety disorders also were substance users, however the study was ambivalent, stating that some depression symptoms may have made the results difficult to discern. The article was confusing to me, and most likely would be difficult for the layperson to decipher as well. It also states that substance use may be a precursor for anxiety which further complicates understanding. This article is not targeted for the audience I would be attempting to reach, and I most likely will not use it in my proposal. It has some information that can be used for reference, however it is not exactly what I would be looking to use in my proposal. Meyer, J. P., Springer, S. A., & Altice, F. L. (2011). Substance abuse, violence, and HIV in women: A literature review of the syndemic. Journal of Women's Health (15409996), 20(7), 991-1006. This article in a Women’s Health Journal focuses on poor women and the barriers to medical care that they face. The authors who are medical doctors, certainly knowledgeable on the topic, speak of several issues that poor women have with accessing medical care; however substance use is mentioned as a contributing factor, not actually the main problem. The information seems reliable, with statistics included from a recent survey. Some information from this article may be used for my final proposal. Sheidow, A. J., McCart, M., Zajac, K., & Davis, M. (2012). Prevalence and impact of substance use among emerging adults with serious mental health conditions. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 35(3), 235-243. This article is about adults and how they function in society while being impacted by substance use and serious mental health issues. It is an analysis of the correlation between adults who are impacted and those who are not, and reviews what the ensuing consequences are for those adults moving forward into adulthood. The authors of this article have a wide range of experience in this topic and psychotherapy. As peer reviewed journals and the most recent data was used, making it a reliable, trustworthy source. I will use information obtained from this article for my proposal. Greenfield, L., & Wolf-Branigin, M. (2009). Mental health indicator interaction in predicting substance abuse treatment outcomes in nevada. American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 35(5), 350-357.

This article reviews the indictors for predicting the outcome of substance use treatment in Nevada. Upon reviewing admission and discharge data, indicators of co-occurring disorders were a DSM diagnosis of mental health,...
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