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Task 1
Design a file storage server architecture for the proposed Web-based infrastructure to support customers.
NFS follows the client-server model of computing
File system + NSF client +Network to NSF server + File system The systems will start with a file system and an NSF Client. There could be one two or more files systems in use. It will connect to a network that will go to an outside NSF File server. There should be firewall rules in affect that will not allow confidential information from leaking out. The use of a good encryption setup should be used as well. I would recommend this in order to save personal financial information from being comprimised. This will also keep customers from making unauthorized changes to other peoples accounts. Describe specifically how data can be shared with the Web server in a secure fashion Data can be shared securely by the use of an apache web server application. Also the use of SSH will help as well.

Task 2
( 1. Remove Unnecessary Services
Change the default settings for installations and configurations on the operating systems. By removing unnecessary systems that are running, it will help to secure unused and open ports. 2. Remote access

Use tunneling and encryption protocols. restrict access to only the ips needed to do the job. 3. Separate development / testing / production environment Development should be done on development servers, testing on its server and production on its environment. 4 .Web application content and server-side scripting

The web application or website files and scripts should always be on a separate partition or drive other than that of the operating system, logs and any other system files. 5. Permissions and privileges

Always assign the least privileges needed for a specific network service to run, such as web server software. 6. Install all security patches on time
7. Monitor and audit...
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