Project X

Topics: Youth, Adolescence, Young Pages: 4 (1487 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Lexus Gordon
Professor Tawny LeBouef
English 1023.08
15 October 2012
Project X
Young people and teens today strive to live by this code of living a full and fun life. The terms fun and full both have a different meaning nowadays. Full and fun today means conforming to the wrong and making it okay to do wrong things; acting out these wrong doings anyway and anytime people can. Even the importance of being welcomed and popular in school just creates a chaotic and disruptive generation. I suppose it all comes down to being negatively peer pressured; just as portrayed in Project X. Besides being entertaining, this movie has a very bad influence on young people. The movie gives us a view of how the importance and desire to be popular leads to an unexpected disaster for the main character, Thomas, and his parents. The point to living a full, fun, and most popular life just show how troublesome it can be and how it can burden the people you are around. Project X is very entertaining, but the look of teenager’s actions and attitudes are disruptive. It sends the wrong message to young children and teens on social status, peer pressure, lack of parental respect, and moral value.

Project X is a movie about three unpopular teens trying to make a name for themselves. They have this gigantic birthday party for one friend, Thomas, and it ends with at least 1,500 people at the party, destroying Thomas’s home, and him pending jail time. Throughout the movie, there is encouragement of drug and alcohol use to minors and very vulgar language used by these minors. At the end, even though Thomas’s life has ended, the students congratulate him on how great the party was. The whole plot of this movie was troublesome, when you don’t pay attention to the entertainment. The acts the young people participated in could be virtually hazardous to themselves and others around them. The movie most definitely shows the effects of peer pressure, lack of parental respect, social status and...
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