Project Shakti

Topics: Social responsibility, Value, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Project Shakti
It was a initiative of Hindustan liver limited company to enter the rural market efficiently along with a social objective of empowering rural women. some key questions regarding this are answered in the following text. this is my perspective. Key features of project "Shakti"?

Key features of project Shakti are:
Ø It is an effective channel to reach to rural market which is not easily possible with the usual measures. Ø It also carries social objective along with it as it helps empowers the women of the village so they can support the family. Ø It has targeted the females which is a good proposition as males are busy in other wage earning activities so they might not spare time for the activities of the project Shakti. Ø It provide a consistent competitive advantage to HLL over its competitors, as through this channel they are able to reach directly to the consumer, and there is personal touch to consumers as Shakti entrepreneur is one among the villagers only. 2)How can Shakti make a contribution for HLL bottom line By the following measures Shakti can contribute for HLL bottom line. Ø Shakti can provide a loyal customer base and a self motivated team of sales representatives which can penetrate the rural market which is largely untapped. Ø It can contribute to their brand building through iShakti centre which will make them more interested as this scheme will provide them with the knowledge regarding all the relevant areas. 3 Economic and social value created by Shakti.

Economic values:
Ø It added to the reach of HLL to the rural market which was largely untapped before. Ø It made rural women self sustained.
Social value:
Ø It empowered the women which is the most marginal part of the rural society through which it helps to improve the living standard and catalyzes affluences in rural India. Ø It also enabled villagers to enhance their knowledge about personal hygiene and other basic values through...
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