Project Proposal-Ford Motor Company

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Project Proposal - Ford Motor Company
Annette F. McGee
FIN 575
March 11, 2013
Gabriel Renero

Project Proposal - Ford Motor Company


EXPENSE$25 mil


Year 2: $5 mil

Year 3: $10 mil

Year 4: $15 mil

Year 5: $12 mil

Business Overview

Ford Motor Company is known for its vehicles and parts worldwide as well as operating in two sectors, automotive, and financial services. This proposal is to obtain project funding pertaining to increasing worker safety at Ford Motor Company. With the commitment of investing $16 billion to augment personnel in the United States, and $25million to address this issue notwithstanding, this project will establish greater worker safety to improve worker productivity globally, thus reducing worker absenteeism because of accidents on the job. The high-level deliverables to address this issue is as follows: 1) provide a system that will allow assessing current safety procedures; 2) provide a system that will cover workflows and out-of-scope deliverables pertaining to project execution and implementation; 4) provide a system that will convert data input to a large flowchart to assess and assign project management.

NPV, IRR, Profitability, & Payback Method

Financial ratios have strengths and weaknesses, and one should be aware of these ratios to determine which is best in calculating the company’s financial health as well as the viability of a project. A company’s financial position can be assessed using NPV, IRR, profitability, and payback method; each important in itself to calculating the company’s financial stance.

By definition, NPV is the net result of an investment spanning multiple years expressed in today's dollars. It strengths lie in that it considers the time...
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