Project Proposal

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Woody 2000 Project Proposal

1.0 Introduction – Executive Summary

1.1 The Woody 2000 Project Overview

The Woody 2000 project proposal is a preliminary report prepared to outline the services of the project management group towards the woody 2000 project. The proposal report outlines the analysis and recommendations for the facility expansion and the business plan. This proposal will be expanded as the work through the different phase’s progresses. Our Project Management Team will work very closely with The Woody 2000 Executive Team to achieve the best possible results.

1.2 Purpose of the Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to evaluate the work and method used by the woody 2000 management to words the expansion of their facility and will identify the various short falls that occurred during the implementation of the project in all phases.

This proposal will detail the proper procedures that should be followed during the woody 2000 project construction and preconstruction phases.

1.3Author qualifications statement

The Project Manager is Abdullah Al-Burashdi.

Abdullah has over 30 years’ experience in industrial projects, commercial projects, and residential construction projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America. He will bring a vast amount of experience in project management and systems management from both private and public sectors; his experience includes total site development, steel structure and building structure engineering. He has a habit of completing his entire project within specified deadlines.

Abdullah will be responsible for developing the proposal for the woody 2000 project and its processes from project preconstruction planning phase, construction phase, project quality assurance and overall project management. He will also develop recommendations for the project technical and fiscal areas.

2.0Background on the Woody 2000 project

2.1Company overview and key personnel

The Custom Woodworking Woody’s Company was started in 1954 by Mr Ron Carpenter, presently has approximately 850 employees and has annual revenues of approximately $93,250,000. The company major shareholder is Emelia Holdings Ltd.

The executive management team includes Mr Ron Carpenter, Chairman; Mrs Emelia Carpenter, President; Ms Kim Qualey, Executive Vice President; and Mr John Carpenter, the company director. The company also has a supporting team of management that includes Mr Miles Faster, Vice President of Production; Mr Spencer Moneysworth, Vice President of Finance; Ms Molly Bussell, Vice President of Personnel; Mr Bruce Sharpe, Vice President of Sales and Estimating; and Mr Kim Cushman, Controller.

The management of Custom Woodworking Woody’s Company established the Woody 2000 project expansion to their existing facility at the current location in the industrial Estate.

2.2The company Products and Services

The Custom Woodworking Woody’s Company has had an excellent reputation in the market place manufactures furniture, cabinetry, and custom millwork; they have enjoyed good profits on their work. During recent years with the increase in commercial construction activity, Woody’s has shifted their focus to subcontracted millwork for new commercial construction.

2.3Proposed Expansion History

In 1989, Mr Bruce Sharpe persuaded the executive management of The Custom Woodworking Woody’s Company that there was a need for expansion due to the possibilities of increase in sales caused by the construction projects expenditure.

Mr Miles Faster introduced to Mr John Carpenter the idea of moving the facility to a new location. Mr John Carpenter took the idea of moving the facility to the executive team for discussion with both Mr Kim Cashman and Mr Spencer Moneysworth. The group discussed the idea offered and disagreed with moving the facility, but recommended an expansion at the present facility instead.

The management of the company after long discussion and...
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