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Mission Statement

       To provide the highest quality product, keeping in mind all aspects including freshness, purity and safety, and making it easily available to the consumer at a very affordable price

In 1967, Bisleri an Italian company, started by Signor Felice Bisleri, first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India. It started a company called Bisleri India. In 1969, Ramesh Chauhan, the Chairman of Parle Exports, bought over the brand. In those days, Bisleri packaged drinking water was available in glass bottles.

Since 1995 Mr. Ramesh J. Chauhan has started expanding Bisleri operations substantially and the turn over has multiplied more than 20 times over a period of 10 years and the average growth rate has been around 40% over this period. Presently we have 8 plants & 11 franchisees all over India. We have our presence covering the entire span of India. In our future ventures we look to put up four more plants in 06-07. We command a 60% market share of the organized market. Overwhelming popularity of 'Bisleri' & the fact that we pioneered bottled water in India, has made us synonymous to Mineral water & a household name. When you think of bottled water, you think Bisleri.


It was around the year 1995, when Parle Exports took charge of the brand operations and the business took off in the market. With factories across India and a strong distribution network, Bisleri established itself as a force to reckon with in the domestic packaged drinking water market.

Earlier the packaged drinking water market consisted of five star hotels, tourists and foreigners. As a marketing strategy, a conscious decision was taken by the company that only 40% of the sales should come from these outlets and 60% from general market. i.e. paanwallas, street shops, general stores and even non-tourists.

This brought about a sea change in the perception in the consumer's mind about consumption of Bisleri. Earlier, drinking bottled water was considered to be more of a status symbol. That thinking has slowly changed to the point where today, not drinking Bisleri is considered as being behind the times.

Such has been the presence and penetration of the Bisleri brand in the bottled water segment.

About two years ago, in 1998, a strategy was adopted to concentrate aggressively on the home market. The habit of boiling water or using electronic gadgets was not adequate, since the source of water itself was unreliable. The bulk packages like the 2, 5 and 20 litre bottles were introduced to meet this market need. The price per litre went down as a result, making bottled water very economical for the consumer.


The upsurge in the sales of Bisleri started in 1993 as Ramesh Chauhan sold off the Parle stable of brands, including Thums Up, Limca and Gold Spot. Recognizing the potential of the packaged drinking water market, he then went on to concentrate on making Bisleri a top selling brand in India.

Processing and Quality Assurance

Purity and taste are two major factors taken care in sourcing of Bisleri water. It is their commitment to offer every Indian pure & clean drinking water. Bisleri Water is put through multiple stages of purification, ozonised & finally packed for consumption.


Underground spring is carefully selected based on its purity and pathogen free water. Great care goes in tapping this source.

Only water below 25 metres is tapped, to avoid any surface contamination to percolate and mix with underground water source. Area surrounding the water collection tube at the surface is protected. So that it remains clear. The plant area falls within the spring line.

The origin of natural mineral water proposed to be drawn from the...
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