Project Management Week 4 Checkpoint

Topics: Project management, Activity, Scarcity Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: September 23, 2012
1.Given that an activity's normal time and cost are ten days and $400, and its crash time and cost are five days and $800, what is the activity's slope? The activity slope is $80 per day.

2. Identify and briefly describe the three types of constraints that can affect how you schedule resources.

a.)Technical constraints – these address the sequence in which work activities must be performed. b.)Physical constraints – these occur when there are confined spaces in which the work must be performed. c.)Resource constraints – these occur because of an absence or shortage of resources, either in quantity or resource type needed.

3.What are the four types of resource constraints? Please list them and provide an example of each. Page 255 People – Human resources are usually classified by the skills they bring to the project—for example, programmer, mechanical engineer, welder, inspector, marketing director, Supervisor. In rare cases some skills are interchangeable, but usually with a loss of productivity. The many differing skills of human resources add to the complexity of scheduling projects. Materials- Project materials cover a large spectrum: for example, chemicals for a scientific project, concrete for a road project, survey data for a marketing project. Equipment - Equipment is usually presented by type, size, and quantity. In some cases equipment can be interchanged to improve schedules, but this is not typical. Equipment is often overlooked as a constraint. The most common oversight is to assume the resource pool is more than adequate for the project.

4. List and briefly discuss six reasons why scheduling resources is an important task. Present six reasons scheduling resources is an important task. 1.allows project managers to assess availability of resources: some may not be available at all times. Ex. An engineer working on several other projects will have to be scheduled for availability. 2.allows multiple projects to be worked on...
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