Project Management Paper

Topics: Project management, Management, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Project Management Paper 1

Project Management
Joyce A. Jones
September 22, 2010
John Haley, Instructor

Project Management Paper 2
Project Management Paper
In this paper I will attempt to explain the definition of a project, basic phases of a projects lifecycle and their purposes and the importance of organizations using project management in accomplishing tasks. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines projects as “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique service, result, or a product.” Projects definitely have a beginning and end time and are temporary. The end of the project occurs when an objective of the project has been achieved or the project terminated because the need no longer exists or the project objectives cannot be met (Davidson Frame, p. 5 (1995). To ensure the completion of a project within its appointed times projects have start dates and end dates. Therefore, to show when tasks should begin and when they should end it is necessary to create schedules. Some projects can last for a period minutes, months, and hours, days, and weeks, or even years. Projects are unique meaning the product or service is new and never been done before. For example: Hoover is in the business of manufacturing vacuum cleaners. Each new model of vacuum cleaner that Hoover redesigns, and manufacture is seen as a new project. The newer models will differ from older models in their features, performance, and possibly cost.

Project Management Paper 3
When objectives and goals are accomplished the project is completed. A project could end when it is determined that the objectives and goals cannot be accomplished or when the service or product is no longer a need (Davidson Frame, (1995). The three basic requirements of a project are performance, time, and cost. The five features of a project are people are usually involved (2) Uses specifically allocated resources to the work (3) Defines approach, beginning,...
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