Project Management

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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However, the company is aware from press coverage and from surveys among its own customers that there is a growing public demand to be able to book holidays via the internet. This is particularly true as its customers are precisely the sort of people who are 'net aware'. France Vacances does have a website but this is really just its latest brochure in electronic format and it does not have links to up-to-date availability data or the facilities for customers to make secure bookings online.

Consequently, France Vacances has decided to implement a new internet¬-based booking system. This will be linked to its existing computerized booking system, which contains data on the availability of properties, and to its customer database as well as having secure links over which credit card data can be received. In addition, the company wants its management information system (MIS) enhanced so that it can trawl its databases and send targeted information to customers on properties that are likely to be of interest to them. It is predicted that, if successfully implemented, this project should increase sales of France Vacances’s products by 20 percent through the introduction of this internet-based booking system and to convert 20 percent of existing telesales business to internet bookings.

France Vacances likes to have this MIS project up and running within six months and to invest approximately £300,000 on the project. Because of the small size of its IT department, and since the department lacks skills in the design of e-commerce applications, France Vacances has decided to entrust the development of its internet services to a consultancy company, E-Con. Assume you are working at this company and appointed as the project manager for carrying out this project.
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