Project in Health Education: Evaluation of Barangay Program

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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Holy Name University
Tagbilaran city, Bohol

Project in Health Education
Evaluation of Barangay Program
(Feeding Program)

Submitted by:
Ferniz, Juli Mae
Romero, Ma. Jennifer

Submitted to:
Mrs. Estella Tutor-Espino

Table of Contents

A. Background of the barangay

B. Background about the program

C. Problem statement

D. Over-all goal of the program

E. Outcome

F. Activities or technologies used

G. Person/s involved or staffing

H. How data is collected

I. Limitations or barriers during the evaluation

J. Interpretation and conclusion

K. Recommendations

A. Background of the Barangay
This barangay is located at the Unicicipality of Loay. This barangay is governed by the Barangay captain Mrs. Nannie Sarong, Mrs. Mrs.vilma avelino as the vice- president and Mrs. Salbina Abong as the Barangay Health Worker of the said barangay. Every month this barangay launches activities to the people which include herbal planting, tree or flower planting and cleaning of the entire barangay and the Church. B. Background of the Barangay Program

Feeding Program is the Program of the barangay to feed children ages 1-8 yrs old. This is implemented due to increasing number of malnourished children in the barangay. Almost all children in the barangay are malnourished due to irresponsible parenting of parents and there is great number of children in one family. This is done to help those children attain a healthy body. The children are fed with foods rich in vitamins and minerals to increase resistance to illnesses and for stronger body immunity.
C. Problem Statement

Children are at most susceptible to diseases because they are immune-suppressed due to underdeveloped body defense against different illnesses. They increase their vulnerability to diseases if they are unhealthy, undernourished and not well taken care of by their elders or parents....
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