Project Charter Example

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Project Charter Example

Project Name: LMT/PEL LIMS Deployment Project
Prepared by John Doe and Mary Smith
Date: 8/22/06

|Initiation: | | | |LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (LIMS) DEPLOYMENT | | |February 6, 2006 (Supersedes the December 15, 2005 general LIMS Deployment Charter) Operating Group Task #95: Provide Plan for | | |LIMS deployment at Facility A and funding plan. | | | | | |Project Manager: John Doe, CIO | | |Project Administrator: Mary Smith, Project Management Office | |Synopsis: |Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are information management systems designed to track, organize, store and report | | |on laboratory-generate data and analytical results. In addition, when used in core laboratories, the LIMS provides a portal for | | |generating accounting reports and the systematic distribution of resulting data back to the requesting scientists and | | |collaborators. LIMS can operate in both highly regulated and non-regulated environments. LIMS can meet all Good Laboratory | | |Practice (GLP) requirements by providing full sample tracking, user certification, instrument and calibration management, | | |standards & reagents management, full auditing, CFR21 Part 11, report and sample scheduling, bar coding, on-line help, and other | | |functions. By eliminating several common sources of human error and by connecting directly to the laboratory-based | | |instrumentation, LIMS improve laboratory efficiency. A full-featured LIMS will manage various laboratory data types including | | |sample log-in, reporting analytical results, billing, and other related operations. | |Purpose/ Business Need: |As a result of the increased use of various high throughput technologies in virtually all areas of biological research, | | |sophisticated software is needed to help research and diagnostic laboratories manage, analyze, and organize complex data. In | | |addition, core technology facilities must be able to manage and distribute the data back to collaborating scientists in a | | |controlled and secure manner. They must also have billing, tracking, and other capabilities to perform administrative functions | | |efficiently. A well-designed LIMS can provide the solution to all of these production requirements. | | | | |Scope and Acceptance: |LMT | | |The scope of the LMT component of the project includes a tested, documented, and functional LIMS no longer dependent on the Finch | | |system. Enhancements will be developed separately...
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