Project Background - Sales and Inventory System

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Project Background
Nowadays, people are depending in fast-phased technologies. It makes their jobs easier and give them time to other things. Having automated systems evolve improvements in speed of time that they spend in their everyday jobs. In the industry of having a business, some of them were using these systems especially in their sales and inventories. Others still cannot follow the prevailing trend of having these systems. It is hard for them to facilitate their sales and inventory and it lead them to find time to record and manage it.

In the Philippines, you can see many establishments that offer products and services to the public at anytime. Most of them are Hardware Supply Shops and Auto Supply Shops. In this study, the researchers chose an Auto Supply Shop as their client for the proposed system. For the researchers, they easily found out some of the problems that the proposed system is the best solution. Without any hesitation, the said client agreed with the plan and they are willing to participate in every task that the researchers will conduct.

Uno Auto Supply is a company that was established in 2000 and owned by Mr. Larry Lazo. The company is located at 253 Mayon Street, Quezon City. The company offers different auto parts and accessories and other car services. It started with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P 500,000.00) and got it back within a year. The company also has its own warehouse wherein the product stocks are placed and it was located near the establishment itself.

Like any other establishments, Uno Auto Supply also encounters many problems concerning their way of recording and tracking their sales and inventory. The records of their products were just written on a columnar notebook that there are some times may be misplaced or accidentally thrown away by the authorized personnel who is in-charge of their sales records. Another concern of the business is having some miscalculations regarding on the number...
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