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The term assignment is based on and adapted from a real-life project that is currently operational in Malaysia. Your tutor will show you how to get access to the assignment. Since you will be working with a real-life project, serious considerations should be given to your work. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to put together all that you have learned thus far, over and beyond the Project Management course.


This is a group project. The number of members should be two (2). Your tutor will decide on the number if there is an inadequate student to form a group. Every member of the team is expected to contribute equally and/or equitably. There should be no ‘free-riders’. It is the responsibility of the group to report of any delinquencies among the team members. A different grade will be given to any non-contributing members.

Your task

You are to assume as a project management consultant advising the Project Team to improve on their proposal. Please read the entire proposal for general understanding on the project and because it contains all the necessary information you need. If you need to make any assumptions, please explain them clearly.

 The plan/report must include the following components:
A. Title Page. Include the names of the team members with the name of the project leader on top. B. Acknowledgement
C. Table of Contents.
D. Introduction
E. Project Organization. - team organization, team members and roles. F. Project Work Objectives
G. Risk Analysis. Describe possible project risks, the likelihood of these risks arising, and the risk resolution strategies developed (if any). H. Required Resources -(people, equipment, materials and facilities needed to complete the project). I. Exit criteria. These criteria are used to determine when each milestone in the project has been reached (if any). - J. Work Breakdown Structure.

K. Control systems - a description of how the progress on the project will be monitored. L. Gantt Chart and project milestone (MS Project)
M. Network diagram (MS Project)
N. Responsibility matrix

Grading Criteria

Your grade will be based on both your demonstrated writing proficiency (30%) and on the contents (70%) of the Project Management Plan.

Honor Code

The work needs to be your own team’s effort. You may wish to have someone from outside the team (your BEL lecturer, perhaps?) help by proofreading a draft version and identifying problems, but the words and content contained in the documents should be your own.

Submission Guidelines

Turn in ONE (1) printed copy and softcopy of your Project Management Plan (One group, one copy) Due date will be indicated by your tutor. Two (2) marks will be deducted for each day delayed.

|Grading Elements |Weightage |Earned | |Language (including grammar and spelling) |5% | | |Resource Matrix |10% | | |Risk Analysis & Control Mechanism |15% | | |Gantt Chart |15% | | |Network diagram |20% | | |Work Breakdown Structure |15% | | |Cost Consideration |10%...
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