Project Management – the Managerial Process

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Assignment #2: Ducks Unlimited Keystone Conference: Initial Planning

Name: David T. Browne

Instructor: Dr. Penny Wilkins

Bus 517: Project Management – The Managerial Process

Date: January 29th, 2011

Describe the elements of scope for the project

In discussing the elements of scope for the project, we can look at the scope checklist which gives us the ingredients of the scope definition. These elements in the checklist are as follows: project objective, deliverables, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions, and reviews with customers (if applicable). The Ducks Unlimited Keystone Conference project has information given through the statement of this case study as follows:

As a project manager for Ducks Unlimited, you have just been tasked with planning the upcoming Keystone Conference where the organization’s long-term strategy for the next ten years will be fleshed-out. You will have two chapter representatives from every state in the U.S. attending a national conference in Charlottesville, N.C. twenty-one months from now. In the meantime, you will need to organize ten separate teams to work on individual projects of their choosing that will be presented during the conference. These teams will be working virtually (no travel) until the actual conference. Your overall budget for this project is 1.2 million dollars.

We can determine a few things off-the-bat. One, what the project is: to plan/organize the Keystone Conference a gathering in Charlottesville, NC of chapter representatives coming from all over the US. Two, when will the project end? Keystone Conference will be held twenty-one months from the now (date of instructions). This means the project begins as of the date the instructions were given and the delivery date or end date is twenty-one months away. Three, what is the total cost of the project? The overall project should not exceed $1.2 million. And four, what is involved as part of the project from start date to complete date. The instructions indicate that while the conference is forthcoming, there should be teams working on individual projects that will be presented at the conference. With this background, we can start to generate our specifics regarding the elements of the project scope.

By the definition taken from (Salexandrou, 2011), “project objective consists of the business benefits that an organization expects to achieve as a result of spending time and exerting effort to complete a project.” The project objective for Ducks Unlimited Keystone Conference can be summarized in the following statement answering the what, when, and how much: Organize the Keystone Conference in Charlottesville, NC within twenty-two months for a cost not to exceed $1.2 million. In addition to what, when, and how much organizations look sometimes to include the benefits of the project. This conference will allow the representative along with the management to introduce the strategies for the next ten years.

The deliverables can be counted as those projects that need to be completed by the teams before the conference can begin. Because the teams are working on individual projects of their choosing, the scope of these projects are not fully defined. However, we can generally anticipate that they will contribute to the overall strategy which the organization wants to flush out at the conference. Next the milestones will be the determined based on the projects selected. However, consideration needs to be given to what the actual organization of the conference will entail (as a project within itself). Then the technical requirements consider something like the size of the conference hall in that it must meet the fire and safety codes for the amount of participants expected. Other things like parking, equipment for project deliverede to the conference, food, etc will have to meet guidelines as set by the governing authority with size, compliance rules, and codes....
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