Project Analysis of Hong Kong New Airport

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background
The Hong Kong airport had been removed from Kowloon City to Chek Lap Kok on 6 July 1998. The New Airport, which costs around HK$70.2 billion, consists of passenger terminal buildings, centralized terminal processing buildings, runways and taxiways, attached and satellite terminal concourses, aircraft parking positions, road bridges, aircraft maintenance facilities and support and ancillary facilities.

This project was deemed critical to the public because any mistakes taken would damage the air traffics in Hong Kong and most industries, especially the tour and hotel industries, would be greatly affected. However, the project came out muddle and problems. For example, flights were delayed or cancelled, pieces of luggage were missing and air cargo services had to be ceased.

1.2 Objective of the project
The objective of the project is to ensure the New Airport relocation could be implemented with the highest possible levels of security and safety and minimization of delay and inconveniences to passengers.

2. Project stakeholder analysis

2.1 The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA)
The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA), which is wholly owned by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), played the role of sponsor in the New Airport relocation project. The AA is governed by the Airport Authority Ordinance (Chapter 483, The Laws of Hong Kong) and its Board comprises a Chairman, CEO and between eight to 15 other members.

The AA has ultimate authority, accountability and responsibility for the project on behalf of the HKSAR with a mandate to determine the objective of the project, provide high-level support and visibility for the project, and ensure that the project is aligned with the organizational strategies such as the commitment to the highest possible levels of security and safety and minimization of delay and inconvenience to passengers.

2.2 The Airport Development Steering Committee (ADSC)
The ADSC, which took the role of project steering group and project manager at the same time, majorly functions to monitor the progress of the New Airport relocation project. The ADSC were responsible for prioritizing project schedules, establishing governance protocols, conferring project status and registration, monitoring performance, overseeing multiple projects, as well as planning, leading, organizing and controlling the project.

2.3. Airport Consultative Committee (ACC)
The ACC partook in the role of project manager for advising on matters related to the New Airport relocation project.

2.4 The New Airport Projects Co-ordination Office (NAPCO)
The NAPCO, which were the project team of the project, were responsible for the implementation of the ten core airport projects which have to be completed on time and within budget. The NAPCO reported to the Airport Development Steering Committee (ADSC) and its activities included answering to multiple managers, performing project work, attending project meetings, assisting in calculating estimates such as time and budget, and performing corrective action.

2.5 End users
The followings were the major end users of the New Airport relocation project: * Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Limited (HACTL) - responsible for 82% of dialing air cargo handling services in the New Airport. * Asia Airfreight Terminal Limited (AATL) - responsible for 82% of dialing air cargo handling services in the New Airport. * Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) - responsible for the public security * Passengers – the major end users who will ‘use’ the delivered project services. * The transport organizations such as Public Buses, Taxis, Hotel Coaches & Limousines, Residents' Shuttles, and Airport Express. * Shops, restaurants and other entities opened in the Passenger Terminal Buildings.

3. Project Implementation

3.1 Implementation strategies
The AA adopted an immediate cutover method to implement the New...
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