Progressive Insurance

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Progressive Insurance
Greg McInerney

Assignment question:

What is Progressive’s business?
Progressive is an insurance company for vehicles in the United States Has competitive advantage in areas such as information technology, availability of claims adjusters and payments to customers as quickly as possible It offers personal insurance services for its customers Outstanding customer services

Aims for operational excellence

What is critical to the success of the business?

Speed in processing claims
Customer personability
Large staff and response team
A quicker response time when accidents occur
Easy communication with HQ
How does Progressive’s use of hardware contribute to these success factors?

Critical Success Factor | Type of Hardware | Contributions | Speed in processing claims | Laptops Printers Cameras Cell phones | Access to mainframe computer Paper copies of estimates/claims Crash-scene photos Calling HQ/Auto-shop/Client | Customer intimacy | IRV Cell Phones | .Allow fast face to face customer interaction .Call rep directly | Large staff and response team | IRV | .Helped cut down on labor costs so more staff could be hired | Quicker response time | IRV Two way radio | Can immediately attend to customers on location Dispatch nearest rep. | Easy communication with HQ | Two way radio Laptop | Guaranteed quick dispatch Send scene photos and video |

How does all of this use of hardware benefit customers?

Type of Hardware | Customer Benefit |
Two way radio | .Ensures they are getting the nearest rep. .Their rep can easily access a superior if required | Laptop | .Claim processed ASAP |
Printer | .Instand receipt of relevant paperwork | Camera | Instant independent...
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