Progressive Era Through the Great Depression

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Assignment 2|
Progressive Era Through the Great Depression|

In this assignment I will recognize the major turning points in American History Starting with the Progressive Era and going through the Great Depression. I will analyze how some historical events shape Americans current society, politics, economy, and culture. I will talk about how women and minorities have responded to challenges and made contributions to American culture. We will analyze how the United States rose to the “Super Power” and how that status has shaped its internal development in recent decades. Identify how changes in social and economic conditions and technology can cause corresponding changes in the attitudes of people and policies of the government. The progressive era was an era needed by the people. The people of urbanization needed this movement to survive the harsh conditions they were forced to live and work in. If it wasn’t for muckrakers, the progressive era may have never got the boost it needed to be successful. The muckrakers wrote newspaper columns about the unsatisfactory conditions people were forced to work and live in while the government sat by and did nothing (Shultz, 2012). The columns written enhanced the professional standards in the business world. It also helped to reform education. The progressive era helped build more schools and raise teachers’ salaries. This era was also responsible for increasing training for students and teachers. The philosophy during this time was social Darwinism and that you just have to accepted hardship and suffering as a part of natural selection of life. This was all changed to pragmatism. This means that an activist government could be the agent to the public. In return this will produce a betterment of society. The progressive movement grew outside government and eventually forced government to take stands and deal with the growing problems. There was two major turning points in the in progressive...
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