Progressive Era

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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US History 11
Progressive Era

The early years of the Twentieth Century brought with them major social changes and reforms.  These changes took time and many hours to implement in order to produce beneficial results.  Men and women of the Progressive Era such as Jane Adams, Upton Sinclair, and Theodore Roosevelt all contributed to this large reform movement in their various ways.  Social critics, women's advancement reformers, and even two of our first presidents in the nineteen hundreds contributed to the reforms and changes which define the Progressive Era.             "Muckrakers", as Theodore Roosevelt called them, were some of the first to push for reform in society.  (Murrin pg. 706) These social critics which including Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Jacob Riis, and Ida Tarbell were essential in bringing about social reform through their propaganda and journalism known as "muckraking". “ These muckrakers wanted to shock the public into recognizing the shameful state of political, economics and social affairs an to prompt “The people” to take actions (Pg.706.”) In McClure's Magazine an editorial was written in 1904 which called for reform because of a city employing criminals to commit crimes for the profit of the elected officials" (Murrin pg. 707) Reforms against machine politics in cities helped society become less oppressed at the hands of machine politicians.  Lincoln Steffens “unraveled the webs of bribery and corruption that were strangling local government’s in the nations; cities”(pg. 706). Another important aspect of the Progressive Era was that of women's suffrage and the idea of the Settlement House. The generation of women at the beginning of the twentieth century was some of the first to attend college.  However, there was not much a woman with a college degree could do professionally.  So, in order to help women advance in working options, Jane Adams began the Settlement Houses in Chicago.  With the help of Florence Kelly, Jane Adams...
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