5.04 Englishiii

Topics: Upton Sinclair, Jury, Damages Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Part A
1. Upton Sinclair was called a "muckraker." How did Sinclair "muckrake" for social reform? He wrote about how the process for making meat such as hot dogs and bologna was and let people know about it which led to a reform for the meat-packing industry. 2. Sinclair was convinced ".... through art one could cause change." What was established as a direct result of the public outcry from this novel? The Meat Inspection Act was a direct result of the public outcry. 3. What did the author want to happen as a result of his novel? As a result of his novel, the author wanted to increase awareness of several social ills that he saw happening and felt very strongly about. 4. How did the public react to his novel? The public reacted in a very horrified way and as a result the government passed laws that began the inspection of meat and other factory products. 5. What did the ABC-News story find was happening in Food Lion stores? The ABC-News story found that conditions behind the scenes at Food Lion stores were appalling and the workers had even been found washing rotten meat with bleach to rid it of the smell. 6. Could Food Lion prove the findings were false? Food Lion could not prove the findings were false and they did not deny the accusations. 7. What was the basis of Food Lion's lawsuit against ABC-News? The basis of Food Lion’s lawsuit against ABC-News was that ABC employees were filling out false information on their applications to get the jobs which is against the law. 8. What was the jury's verdict? The Jury awarded Food Lion money in compensatory damages.
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