Professionalism Behaviors

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Behaviors of Professionalism

Arrives on time for schedule activities and appointments:
This behavior is a must if you work in the healthcare field. As a CT Technologist I with rare exception arrive on time or early to start my shift. There are things that need to be done before you can scan a patient. The scanner must be warmed, the phantom completed, calibrations, and the slew of paperwork started for each patient of the day. I make it a point as a professional to arrive in a timely manner to ensure I have to complete these tasks before my first scheduled patient arrives. It is my duty to make sure every patient is started at their scheduled time, and that I have adequate time to spend with each patient, to ensure proper history and comforting if needed.

There have been rare occurrences where I have arrived late due to weather, or an alarm clock malfunction. I have tried and will continue to strive to correct this. One way to improve this is to be more aware of the weather forecast and give myself the extra time needed to arrive at work on time during inclement weather. Another behavior modification is to double check the alarm status and perhaps set an additional clock in case of first clock failure. Although this has only happened on a few rare occasions, it is always unacceptable to make a patient wait, or worse have to rush and not take the appropriate time needed with each patient.

Adheres to institutional policies and procedures:
Another important behavior which in which I feel I do well is the following of policies and procedures. This is a must to ensure patient, and employee safety as well as to adhere to state and federal mandated regulations. Policies and procedures in a health care facility are in place for a reason and must be followed. For instance an institutional policy requiring lab values prior to contrast injection is a definite need for patient safety. Policies may differ from facility to facility on age, and the function levels, but regardless, they must be followed per the institution one is working in.

There are many other types of institutional policies that deal with other issues besides patient safety. One policy that I could be better at adhering to is the cell phone policy at one particular facility I currently work at. The policy there requires that patient care staff are not to use cell phones in patient care areas, and goes further to prohibit healthcare staff from having a phone on their person at any time other than designated breaks. This policy I half agree with. I agree that no employee should use a cell phone in the presence of a patient; however I personally do not see a problem with having a phone set on vibrate in your possession. I feel having a cell phone allows you to be reached quickly and easily in case of an emergency at home, a family medical emergency, or an emergency with your children.

Endures inconvenience to meet patient needs:
This behavior is one that I seem to meet on near a daily basis. It is mostly a daily occurrence that I run late for lunch, my lunch gets interrupted due to a patient being late, an add on patient, or a patient that needs squeezed in because they can’t come any other time. I am also often inconvenienced to help another Technologist with lifting help or to start an IV. I endure this inconvenience daily for the greater good of the patient, the department, and the medical imaging field as a whole. My job as a CT Technologist comes with this type of inconvenience and I accept this as part of the job. In this field this type of behavior is expected by the patients and the physicians caring for those patients.

I suppose I could improve this behavior by never commenting on the fact that my lunch was interrupted or cut short AGAIN. I have mentioned this to co-workers or made a comment in the staff lounge referring to the fact that my patient just arrived twenty minutes late, and I guess I will have to eat standing up...
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