Professional Values and Ethics

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  • Published : August 25, 2009
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Professional Values & Ethics and Career Success
Yvonne Burns

Professional values can be defined as the motivating factors that appeal to a person most when it comes to career selection. There are a great deal of stirring factors that one could choose from when selecting a line of work or accepting a job invitation, including intellectual status, stability, and location; to name a few. (“Professional Values”, 2009). Relatively, professional ethics is a matter of morality, influencing how a person handles business and people associated with their business. (“Professional Values”, 2009). The correlation between these two topics will influence your career choices and success significantly. What is the source for professional values and ethics? The foundation of professional values is usually formed with influence from the personality. An individual’s values may come from previous work experiences, future objectives, or personal satisfaction. Previous work experience can be a great opportunity to identify what someone values through a trial and error type of exploration. Future objectives, or aspirations, develop professional values by creating goals for an individual to work toward, putting emphasis on what is trying to be achieved. Professional values stem from a person’s personality; therefore, personal satisfaction plays a big role. When considering a career, one of the many decision-making factors will be based upon whether or not that particular career will satisfy that individual. Concerning professional ethics, one of the sources may be the code of conduct given by the employer, setting a standard for what is acceptable and unacceptable. Religion is another source from which ethics derives; it can obligate a person to engage in moral behavior. Having and showing genuine respect toward people is another source of professional ethics, because it ensures that that person will treat people fairly and not be a source of unpleasant...
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