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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V


To attain another level of education of education after high school be it associate degree or Baccalaureate degree is feasible to student whose sole purpose is to earn higher wages in future do have these options when preparing for a carrier. They student have to choose either a 2 years or 4 years college course study. Furthermore, community and junior colleges do offer associate degree programs while universities and traditional colleges do offer baccalaureate degree programs. For associate degree, students only take courses in their major, while baccalaureate degree students take general education requirements in subjects outside their majors. For graduate schools, it is necessary to earn a baccalaureate degree rather than associate. ( Between 2009 and 2010 school year according to college, one year of associate degree cost about $2,544.00 while one year baccalaureate cost an average of $7,020.00 in public universities and $26,273.00 in private colleges. An associate degree holder with 1 year experience earns an average of $35,531.00 while a baccalaureate degree holder earns &39,869.00 according to pay scale .com. After 20 years of experience, an associate degree holder earns about $58,020.00 while a baccalaureate degree holder earns about $77,237.00 respectively ( Due to these facts a lot of students are still in limbo when chosen between associate degree and baccalaureate degree because of time, money, and future prospects in these areas of study; because both courses are undergraduate degrees. At this juncture it is pertinent to understand the features of both degrees so as to be better informed on their choices. Some students preferred associate degree program when they are not sure of pursuing any studies beyond this level while some purposefully select associate degree knowing well that they are aiming for a future carrier in this field. These...
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