Changing the Scope of Practice for All Nurses

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Changing The Scope Of Practice For All Nurses

October 21, 2012

Changing The Scope Of Practice For All Nurses
The Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has proposed many changes take place in the field of education for nurses to assist in the Affordable Care Act to be a full success in transforming health care. They have published the report “The Future of Nursing Leading Change Advancing Health” recommending that the scope of practice for all nurses which include the registered nurse, advance practice nurse, certified nurse anesthetist, and the certified nurse midwife to be able to practice at their education and skill level through continuing competencies. Now it is up to all nurses to decide if changing the scope of practice for nurses is a good or bad idea. This paper will show how changing the scope of practice will enable nurses to care for their patient more effectively. Nurses are going to have to step up to the plate, and show the whole world how important nursing is to providing health care to all people. And for the Affordable Care Act to truly change the health care system to better help the people and communities of the United States, the scope of practice for nurses will need to change to better meet the needs of the public. Education

The Institute of Medicine report encourages nurses who graduate with an associate degree to continue on with their education to at least the baccalaureate level. Nurses at the baccalaureate level are then encouraged to continue on to the masters or doctorate degree. The different foundations and the federal government introducing funding opportunities and scholarships to students trying to find ways for schools and government to further nurse’s education to higher level to be more affordable (“The Future of Nursing” 2010. p. 177). It is important to stress the need to gain nurses with the knowledge to teach our future nurses. Nurses will also need to be involved...
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