Product Mix

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Starbucks Product Mix
Starbucks is a good-known brand in the world that offering good coffee, but it has composite groups of products that makes available to customers. Starbucks only sold coffee beans at beginning of time. After that, they offer brewed coffee and espresso beverages, Frappuccino, and Latte. As the organization growing, they start to offer ice cream, bottled Frappuccino coffee, Tazo Tea, Ethos Water, and food. Now Starbucks also offer coffee makers, Starbucks cards, and other Starbuck paraphernalia. In recent years, the company began selling special jazz and blues CDs, which in some cases were special compilations that had been put together for Starbucks to use as store background music. The company was constantly engaged in efforts to develop new ideas, new products, and new experiences for customers that belonged exclusively to Starbucks.

I think that the product mix is consistent because all these product lines are building the relationship with customers, which is end-user consideration. All the products that Starbucks offer are for the people who like coffee. Starbucks adds more product lines, which is the width of product mix to make people more stick with Starbucks. This also gives Starbucks more customer returns and more profits. Starbucks offering different kinds of coffee, which is the length of the product mix to give customers wide range of products choices. Also, Starbucks gives people seasonal flavors and different sizes, which is adding the depth of product mix to let people more enjoy to buy products at Starbucks. Starbucks’ product lines are consistent in distribution because they are all related with coffee but they are vastly different in use. For example, coffee is for drinking and coffee cup is like a container to use. Overall these all shows that Starbuck want to fulfill users’ different needs.
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