Product Innovation Charter: The iDash

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Apple© Presents: The iDash


Professional Challenge Paper

-Jessica Allen-

March 27, 2011

Product Innovation Charter


The iDash is an on-board automobile dashboard system that can be controlled by the iPad. The focus of the iDash will be to create the ultimate driving experience for the up-scale, cultured driver. Apple will seek to enter into the automobile market by using two of their most successful products that are already staples in many households to garner increased sales for the company.


iDash will create a centralized automotive control center for the driver. The iDash will also allow the driver to use any navigational system that they prefer, as the iPad give access to Garmin © and TomTom© Apps. ( ( The iDash will also revolutionize the ability for the driver to multitask in the car and stay connected with the use of all of the Apple © Apps housed on the driver’s iPad.


The iDash is a built-in device with a docking station in the vehicle where the iPad can be inserted. The device can be activated using the hands-free or touch screen option. The iDash, in line with competitors, will “ more features than ever to help...[drivers] get from point A to point B quickly and safely...[including] features such as audible driving directions with text-to-speech (TTS), spoken street names, real-time traffic updates, Internet connectivity for points-of-interest search, and large easy-to-read screens...” (Goodwin, 2010). The cost of the product will be included in the price of the car as an added feature to the vehicle.

Product Description

Apple is venturing into cars. They have already taken over the phone industry. Now, Apple is introducing the iDash. The iDash is not an App. It is much more. The iDash is an on-board automobile dashboard system that can be controlled by the iPad. The iDash creates the ability to use the iPad docking capabilities to all-inclusively transfer all of their APPS to the iDash where they can be used on a larger screen and through any headrest screens, and video-movie players, as well. The system would not just be the navigational component and would not just transfer all of the iPad’s Apps it controls the cars whole dashboard system, including temperature control, video system control, tire pressure and fuel level manager, etc. Apple explains that the iPad features 12 next-generation Multi-Touch applications making surfing the web an entirely new experience, dramatically more interactive and more intimate than on a computer. It goes on to detail that when using the iPad, you can watch movies, TV shows and YouTube, all in HD or flip through pages of an e-book, or listen to your music collection( The iDash would be the perfect complimentary product for Apple’s already stellar offerings. It would fit into the company’s product offering list seamlessly, as it uses two of its most purchased products to enhance the system. Apple© has a reputation of producing exclusive and quality products and because of its inherent integration of the iPad, the iDash will be an expansion of this great tradition as it is a perfect addition in the natural progression of the company’s product line. The driver will no longer have to use multiple buttons in multiple places to control essential functions of the car. The iDash will also create an interactive experience for the driver who can use a hands-free or touch screen option that allows the driver to move throughout the functions quickly taking less of the driver’s attention or time from focusing on the road and/or destination. With all of the booming technology that Apple is already displaying, the iDash will bring Apple© to the car, one of the places where most of our time is spent.

Competitive Analysis

Competitor Comparison
The GPS and portable navigation device market is seeing consistent growth...
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