Product Centric vs Customers Centric

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Product Centric Vs Customers Centric:

When defining customers centric; it has to be defined as customers intelligence and how can you "WOW" your customer. Today’s customers are more and more looking for unique solutions to their issues, problems, challenges and achieving their goals. "How can this product benefit me?"; that question is asked many times when customers are finding products such as Cell Phones, Cars, Clothes and either houses. Today’s customers are expecting high performing value propositions geared to making their business or “lives” successful and are quick to search the myriad of competitors available when they do not perform as expected. So when you focus your product on your customers, your focusing on your customers and not "you" as a businesss in whole. Your focus on your customers is to gain beneficial business relationship and a well-satisfied customer. Your business will began to recognizes the sale is the natural result of forging a solid relationship built on listening and problem solving, not forcing someone to buy such as "bad salesman". It begins with building customer rapport and ends with a lasting business relationship ((

People often confuse the method used to deliver a marketing message with a type of marketing that is only focus on its product. People and business Many people equate telemarketing, direct mail, print advertising, radio, TV, public relations, seminars, newsletters, audio and video presentations, email, and Web sites as marketing. These are not marketing approaches they are delivery methods used to distribute marketing messages. People can and do use all of these delivery methods to send various types of marketing messages. You can send a capabilities/capacities message, a consultative/informative message or a customer-centric message using any of these delivery methods. (not finish)
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