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Executive Summary:
Procurement is important to identify, discover and interpret factors affecting acquiring goods and services. This report researches in detail factors affecting procurement within a larger sized business.

As Wagamama is a fast, casual dining restaurant, there are three main criteria affecting procurement: “speed, quality and value for money”. It is important to ensure that customers’ expectations are being met to ensure best possible sales.

This report explains in detail an approach to understanding the importance of procurement strategies and the importance of resource management. The report also describes and evaluates plans to improve procurement strategies and best practice.

The analysis has led to the following findings:
Goods and services need to be managed through the entire life cycle •Specifications have to be as accurate as possible
Different procurement methods are required to find the right suppliers •A procurement officer can only become valuable if the business reaches a certain size •Risks need to be identified, in order to avoid any financial consequences against the business goal

Therefore the following can be concluded:
Goods and services need to be maintained
Specifications are needed to identify the needs of the business and gain the best possible profit for the business •Businesses need to identify their own best practice regarding the size of the company •Procurement officers need to know their business very well in order to buy the right goods and services •When a procurement officer has identified potential risks, he or she is more likely to avoid incorrect goods and services, and contributes, therefore, to the business goals.

Contents Page:
Executive Summary2
1.1 What is procurement5
1.1.1 Selection Criteria5
1.1.2 Purchasing Plan6
1.1.3 Maintenance Programs6
1.1.4 Equipment Checks6
1.1.5 After Sales Service6
1.2 Definition of a specification6
1.2.1 Features of the coffee machine (Paparazzi 2007)7
1.3 Selection Criteria 9
2.1 Different Procurement Methods12
2.1.1 Best Practice12
2.1.2 Further Methods14
2.1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of a procurement officer15 •2.1.4 Role and responsibilities of a procurement officer16 •2.2 Risks and processes within procurement17

Procurement refers to the overall process of acquiring a product or service. Depending on the size and importance of the procurement function within the business, it can involve the following steps: •Identifying a need

Specifying the requirements to fulfil the needs
Identifying potential suppliers
Ask, quote or tender for bids and proposals
Evaluating bids, quotes, tenders and proposals
Awarding contracts or purchase orders
Tracking progress and ensuring fulfilment
Taking delivery
Inspecting and inventorying the delivery
Paying the supplier
Procurement is about the buying of goods or services at the best possible total cost for the business.

Wagamama is a chain (70 restaurants) of Japanese style noodle bars, known for its fast, casual dining style. The business aim is to serve quality food and drinks at a reasonable price and to have a high customer turnover indicator. As a procurement officer for Wagamama it would be important to look at three points: 1.Quality

3.Fast service
At stated on Wagamamas website: “at Wagamama, we celebrate consistency and quality in everything we do. Our ethos, developed since the first Wagamama opened in London’s Bloomsbury in 1992, is ‘to combine great, fresh and nutritious food in a sleek yet simple setting with helpful, friendly service and value for money” (2007) The main duty, therefore, would be to identify potential suppliers to meet these criteria

Give a short explanation of how you would manage resources such as...
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