Process to Assessing and Screening Job Applicant

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Process to Assessing and Screening Job Applicants
Crystal D Johnson
MAN 6307-2
January 9, 2013

The effectiveness of screening for new job applicants is critical to the continuous accomplishment of any industry. “Interview formats allow the applicant(s) to ask his or her own questions to help reveal additional information useful for making a selection decision”. A detailed screening of the process also assistances with defining if the candidate has the required communication or social skills needed for the position. Some set interview processes can be revised as needed to obtain key material about an applicant. The following are some effective interviewing formats to consider: Behavior Description Screening Format, Comprehensive Structured Screening Format, Oral Screening Boards Format, and Situational Screening Format.

In the Behavioral Description Screening Format, applicants are asked action questions about his or her previous employment circumstances that are comparable to circumstances that might be faced in the new position. The format is known as the STAR Method (“Situation, Task, Action, Results”). The next format, Comprehensive Structured Screening Format, is used to ask questions relating to present job knowledge, requirements for the position, and ways he or she would handle probable challenging situations or complete different job tasks. CSS format offers various ways to evaluate an applicant’s present level of expertise. Oral Screening Boards Format (OSB) is a method that requires the applicant giving verbal replies to job-related scenarios being asked by a panel of examiners. “Each examiner rates the candidate on factors such as work history, motivation, creative thinking, and presentation”. The last format, Situational Screening Format includes the applicant being interviewed about certain movements they would take in various job-related circumstances. Joseph Sefcik, Vistage member, stated, “Effective interviewing takes careful planning...
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