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Process focus.

Organizations produce goods and services which are delivered to its customers. Focus on the total set of related activities or processes which actually deliver the product or service to the customer instead of focusing on the optimal performance of separate departments and divisions leads to better overall performance and results for the company. Most organizations today are still structured around divisions and departments. Each division has its own budget, responsibilities and division manager reporting to the corporate management team. Improvement initiatives are focused on improving the performance within the division, thereby maybe improving sub-process performance, but not necessarily solving the real essential bottleneck in the total process. A process focus helps organizations to see the whole picture across division boundaries and to place the improvement efforts first on the processes and process steps which give the biggest effect. The factory that is using process focus is Fraser & Neave (F&N) Beverage Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (FNBM). If the organization wants to use this process focus strategy, the product flexibility must be high, the production planning control must be more difficult, low volume and high variety products, wide variety and frequent changes. FNMB has produced a high degree of product and more difficult production planning. To produce what the organization needs, the workers must have skill personnel. FNMB has implemental several measures that emphasizes its strong brand presence as well as invest heavily in advertising and promotions, product availability and operational efficiency. FNMB also understand that consumers are always on the lookout for high quality products and excellent services. In line with F&N’s food and beverage corporate identity, FNBM promises to offer healthy enjoyment in exciting ways. As such, the company is well poised to surge ahead in its drive to respond to market trends, meet changing...
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